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  • Hot Chocolate Bomb

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    Hot Chocolate Bombs are here!!!!

    Sorry Hot Chocolate Bombs Cannot Be Shipped

    Premium Chocolate shell filled with house made hot cocoa mix with premium ingredients.

    Made with:

    • Non GMO- rBST hormone free- USA Dairy- Whole Milk Powder that I lightly toast for a slightly nutty undertone. It’s an extra step, but it makes all the difference
    • Ghirardelli 100% Cocoa Powder- I blend Dutch Processed and regular to make the perfectly balanced cocoa
    • Lindt White Chocolate for extra creaminess 
    • fleur de Sel -because what’s the point of having chocolate without fancy salt?
    • Peppermint Candy Bits made with 100% Pure King Leo Peppermint Oil (for Candy Cane bomb)

    To Enjoy:

    Gently place hot chocolate bomb in a large mug.  Heat milk of choice (do not boil), and pour over sphere.  Stir until all the cocoa mix and chocolate shell is incorporated into the milk.  Enjoy! 

    Sorry Hot Chocolate Bombs Cannot Be Shipped